Most Overlooked Travel Hacks To Make Your Trip More Convenient

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In theory, travelling is supposed to be an exciting adventure. But apart from the destination, there’s not much to enjoy about the flight. Sure, it’s different if you take a road trip with your friends. Other than that, chances are you’re less likely to enjoy the transportation, especially on your way back. Here are some good tips and tricks to save money on your trip and also make it more convenient.

Hunting a Good Seat

If you want a good seat, don’t pay for it when you shop online. Most people will go for the cheapest seats when they do that. By the end, the most expensive ones will be free. Those are also the more desirable ones. When you check in, you’ll probably be assigned to one of them. Ideally, you should check in online before the office opens up – around 5 hours before.

Take Pictures of Your Maps and Guides

Unless you can get an offline guide for your smartphone, it pays off taking pictures of all the documentation. It will take your smartphone a few hours to regain access to the network, especially if you travel abroad. You don’t want to be stranded just because you can’t get online, do you?

Choose Carry On Luggage

This isn’t always the case if you have a big family. But if you travel by yourself, it makes no difference how far you go – you should be able to fit everything in carry-on luggage. It’s free and allows you to get out of the airport right away. Plus, you skip the risk of losing luggage in transit.

Check in Online

Whether you use an app or the computer, it pays off checking in online. If you use an app, the ticket will be on your smartphone, so you won’t have to print it. It allows you to skip the long queues and jump straight to security – better sit down and wait prior to boarding than in long queues.

Get a High Security Bag

Invest in a luggage bag that’s easy to lock. Tourists are the most common targets among thieves and pickpockets. Such a model can help to lock your bag easily. Even if you travel with carry-on luggage only, you still don’t want to take any risks.

Backup Your Documents

Losing your wallet is the last thing you want, but it can happen. Backup everything and keep important documents on your smartphone. There are multiple apps to support this kind of backup. Even if you lose stuff, you can still access it – quite handy when you travel abroad.

Get Some Band Aids

Almost everyone out there chooses a new pair of shoes, a T-shirt or a dress to wear on holiday for the first time. You don’t know how comfortable those new shoes will be, especially if you’ll hang around the whole day. Forget about local convenience stores and invest in some band aids. They’re small and can go in your pocket.

Get an External Battery

Whether you travel with leisure or business purposes, there’s a decent chance you’ll spend quite a lot of time out of your hotel room. You’ll need the GPS, as well as the camera and the Internet to find the best attractions. At this point, an external battery becomes a must.

Get Some Entertainment

Download a film or maybe a few episodes of your favourite show for when you travel. It’s the best way to kill your time if your flight is delayed or while waiting prior to boarding. It’s just as handy on the plane if you sit by a Chatty Cathy.

Know Your Luggage Weight

Overweight luggage is extremely expensive. Airlines know that you’re less likely to leave valuables on the airport, so they overcharge. Get a cheap digital luggage scale and take it with you too. You might come back with even more weight – such as souvenirs or maybe a few new T-shirts. Simply put, a shopping trip always asks for a scale.


In conclusion, most of these tips are simple to implement into your routine. Not only they might save you some money, but they can add extra convenience to your holiday as well. The better you prepare, the better your experience will be.