Managing your office cleaning – 6 tips

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An office is the last bastion of appearance that a business has, and if your place of work looks anything other than spotless, then you need a commercial cleaner. The fact of the matter is that office cleaning is an extremely important part of office management, as it is proven that staff work better under clean and tidy conditions. The footfall through any office is going to be a lot more than in a domestic setting, so you can’t treat office cleaners in the same way that you would use a house cleaning service. If you are looking to up your game on the way in which you manage the office cleaners, then it is a good idea to have a few things in mind before you wade in. Have a look over the following ideas for some tips and tricks.

For a start, when you are looking for a commercial cleaner, you should simply ask the people around you. You will likely have your office in a block of other offices, and if not, then it is more than likely that there will be offices nearby. A recommendation from another company is a great way to ensure that you are getting a cleaning company that are up to the job, and the standards that you expect. Be sure to only talk to businesses that are nearby however, as there is little use in finding a great cleaning company that are miles away and can’t get to your office easily.

The prices that you are charged for the cleaning should reflect how well you feel the place is cleaned. You will find that the price points between different cleaning services are rarely that far apart, but the fact is that over the years, the savings that could seem small will amount to much larger figures. If you are in a position where you can make a saving, and you feel like the cleaning quality will not be too dramatically affected, then it is well worth looking in to.

The times that you have your best cleaning team round will be a big part of how the cleaning is done at your office. Larger jobs like carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning should be set aside for weekends, when deep cleaning can take place without getting in the way of the use of the office. If you are in a position where your carpets are sodden or sticky after shampooing, or steam cleaning, then you won’t want clients walking over them. Most commercial cleaning happens in the evenings after office hours any way, but you need to think about how often you need it as well.

The personality of a cleaner who will need to interact with your staff is a big part of making sure that the job goes well, so ensure that you are able to find someone who is going to be happy to talk to people, but aware that they are not to distract anyone form their work.

You need to keep up on your checks over the cleaning services, so that they do not slide in to a lesser state of cleaning efficiency after being impressive initially. If you are able to, you should do tests, like checking higher surfaces for dust after they have been, or putting some scrunched up paper behind a door, to see if they have been through enough to find and remove it.

As a part of this, you need to ensure that either you are supplying, or they are using up to date equipment, as otherwise you will not be getting as good a clean as you need.

Organization is another main aspect, cleaners can’t always manage office stuff so it’s up to the company to make a policy on tidiness. A clean appearance can breed a healthy environment for people to grow and brainstorm too. These aspects might not seem so important when you are starting out but will gain importance as time goes on. Organization can more than half the amount of time spent on cleaning alone. As it is easy to move stuff around and retrieve them. Cleaning standards must be set to a high with equipment and cleaning solutions available at all times. Staff moral can witness an upswing too for people who work in clean places. Your employees need to look at the company and be proud to call it their home that’s why cleaning it can make them happy and extremely productive at the same time.